Dove or a Pigeon?

by James Archer
(Redlands Queensland Australia)

Common Bronzewing (Australian Pigeon)

Common Bronzewing (Australian Pigeon)

Q: What kind of dove or pigeon is this?

A: Although I cannot see all the fieldmarks from the photo, it appears to be a Common Bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera) of the pigeon family, Columbidae. It is a large (33-36cm) native pigeon of Australia that is very common. The white line under the eye is a key characteristic. Mature birds will have iridescent patches of red, blue and green on their wing which are structural colors that change in appearance with sunlight. Males are a little more colorful than females with a yellow-white forehead and pink breast. They build an untidy, flimsy nest of twigs, like in your photo, where the female lays two eggs and incubates them for approximately 16 days.

Male and Female Common Bronzewing

More about the Common Bronzewing

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