How To Prevent Bird Window Collisions

It is estimated that millions of birds are killed by glass window collisions.  Birds often cannot recognize reflective windows as barriers and subsequently fly into them. They also may see their reflection as another bird in their territory and will peck at your windows incessantly, trying to drive its competitor away and simultaneously drive you crazy from non-stop pecking. Identify problem windows, especially those greater than 6 feet, and reduce bird window collisions by:

  • Applying window decals, i.e. hawk silhouettes (no more than 4" apart vertically and 2" apart horizontally)
  • Attaching decorations on outside glass surface to break up reflection
  • Installing screens, awnings, or netting to buffer impact
  • Placing feeders within 3' or greater than 30' from windows*
  • Curtains, shades or blinds to prevent reflection
  • Hang ribbon, strands of string, party tape or similar from the outside of the window frame to break up window space and reflection

*Consider placing your feeder either within 3 feet of a window - birds won't gain enough momentum to harm themselves when they strike, or greater than 30 feet - birds will be less likely to see the windows as pathways.

Applying Window Alerts to Prevent Bird Collisions

Here's those nifty window decals shown in the video that shows transparent to our eyes, but solid to birds:

For more information, go to Project Prevent Collision.

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Install a Squirrel Baffle

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