Solar-Powered Smart Bird Feeder with Camera Review: A Bird-Watcher's Dream?

Imagine not only attracting feathered friends to your garden but also unlocking the secrets of their identities with a touch of technology.

The Gigalumi Smart Bird Feeder is like having a window into the natural world, where you can observe and identify birds with ease.

Equipped with an AI that recognizes over 11,000 species, you get to learn fascinating facts about your avian visitors with the HiBirds app.

smart bird feeder photo of black-capped chickadee

A solar-powered camera captures crisp 1080P HD videos, even in the night, so you never miss a wing flap or chirp, offering a live stream straight to your mobile device.

On the practical side, the feeder's large capacity, dual seed compartments cater to a variety of birds, from vibrant songbirds to enchanting hummingbirds.

With just a tap on your phone, you can now enjoy live streaming of your feathered friends' visits, capturing their every move without reaching for binoculars.

solar powered smart bird feeder with camera review

Your backyard birds are never missed, thanks to automatic video captures and instant notifications.

Gigalumi Smart Bird Feeder with Camera - Enhance Your Bird Watching Experience

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds and being able to watch them up close without disturbing their natural behavior.

The Gigalumi bird feeder does just that, providing a real-time window to watch birds via your phone, complete with notifications that make sure you never miss a visitor.

Although it comes with AI recognition for over 11,000 species, keep in mind you'll need to subscribe to their service after a 30-day trial to continue enjoying this feature.

smart bird feeder app

However, even without the ID service, it's still a great bird feeder with the image and video captures and watching birds live and upclose at your feeder throughout the day.


Your bird-watching game steps into the future with ultra-smooth 1080P HD video, and you won't lose sight of your feathered friends after dark thanks to its clear night vision capability.

The patented design elegantly blends functionality with durability, boasting a sturdy weatherproof build and accommodating a variety of bird food.

solar powered smart bird feeder review hanging from tree

Comes with a heavy duty bracket with an extremely secure velcro strap which makes it easy to attach the feeder to a tree, fence post, or wherever you like. It also has a place on top of the feeder to hook it to something as well. The strap was plenty secure, but we also used a bungee chord looped through the top of the feeder as a backup in case it got very windy.

Gift-giving just got easier for bird enthusiasts in your life; this feeder is a unique find for most backyard birdwatchers.

Plus, you can connect multiple devices so everyone can enjoy the view.

The setup is user-friendly and the solar power is a big win for environmental sustainability. Even on cloudy days I didn't have to charge the feeder, but if for some reason you have to, it comes with a wired charger. It's easy to pull the camera off the magnets and take it inside to charge.

AI-Powered Bird Identification

You no longer have to be glued to your binoculars, as this clever device sends instant notifications to your phone the moment a bird makes an appearance.

Its advanced AI can identify over 11,000 bird species, a feature that's sure to impress even the most seasoned birdwatchers.

Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee while your phone buzzes with a real-time alert of a visiting American Goldfinch or Red-breasted Nuthatch.

The excitement doesn't stop there; the feeder boasts a 1080P HD camera with clear night vision.

night vision smart bird feeder

It means that you can enjoy crisp images and videos of nocturnal birds or daybreak visitors without frightening them away.

Whether you’re a dedicated ornithologist or just love the casual chirp by your window, this smart gadget adds value to your birding activities.

High-Definition Clarity & Night Vision

Imagine you're gazing through a crisp, 1080P HD lens as vibrant birds flock to your feeder, their feathers detailed and vivid.

The camera's stellar quality doesn't falter even as the sun sets, offering clear night vision to capture nocturnal visits.

You'll appreciate being able to see all the delightful bird antics after dark without missing a beat.

Although the image is impressive, be mindful that a well-lit area yields the best nighttime results.

Enjoy the serene chirps and watch the night time flutterings, all from the comfort of your home.

Bird-Friendly Design Features

You'll appreciate the bird-friendly design of this feeder.

With its 1.5L capacity, you won't have to constantly refill it, making your life easier and keeping birds content.

It's been designed to cater for various bird species, and even hummingbird enthusiasts can delight in the dual food feature.

The robust housing is weatherproof thanks to IP65 certification and includes a sturdy bracket, ensuring a safe and cozy haven for your feathered visitors.

Summary of Features

  • Its auto-capture feature is a game-changer, sending notifications directly to your phone so you won't miss any avian action.
  • The 1080P HD camera with night vision ensures you get crisp images, even in the dark, and the accompanying sounds of nature bring the outdoors right to you.
  • The capacity to identify a vast array of bird species can turn any casual observer into an informed enthusiast, especially with the HiBirds app.
  • Rest assured, your feathered friends are enjoying their meals with the feeder's bird-friendly design and ample food storage.

Ready to elevate your birdwatching game?

Take a closer look at the Gigalumi Smart Bird Feeder on Amazon and let your backyard bird adventure begin!

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