Free Squirrel Feeder Plans

Below you'll find free squirrel feeder plans to deter your backyard squirrels from stealing fromeasy to build squirrel feeder plans your bird feeders and also just for the sake of enjoying watching the squirrels too!

You can use a variety of food in your squirrel feeder that will be a lot less expensive than bird seed such as corn and peanuts. Try to place the feeder well away from your bird feeder, if you have one, and eventually the squirrels will primarily or exclusively feed from their feeder instead of the birds.

Free Squirrel Feeder Plans:

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Free Squirrel Feeder Plans

You can fill this feeder with nuts or corn. The squirrels lift the lid and reach in to get the food. The dimensions can be adjusted to allow using different width cedar fence slats.

how to make a squirrel feeder

Here is a simple squirrel feeder woodworking project. It holds a whole ear of dried corn as a food source for the squirrels.

Fun Squirrel Video Doing Obstacle Course

Squirrel Feeder Plans & Other Info


And if you love squirrels, you'll love this book we found, Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide. An in-depth look at squirrels, their behaviors and great photos.

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If you love squirrels, we think you would love this book. When you take the time to really watch an animal, you start to learn a lot about them; much more than the casual passerby who sees them come and go in the park. This book tells all.

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